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Remo Loreto


I proudly live and work within the framework of Love, Trust, Honesty and Integrity; structuring all of my Family, Friend and Business relationships with those thoughts only.  I'm always honored to represent like-minded people and do all that I can to help you and your family reach and even exceed your goals.  I work with every client as if they were my own family, giving clients the exact same advice and direction as I do my family. I take as long as every client needs to fully explain options as well as the highs and lows of R/E investing. I am as transparent as can possibly be because I tell everyone that I want them to be fully informed - no surprises with me.

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My Story

In 1975 I began my career in real estate, however later that year I accepted a position in the Publishing Division of Warner Brothers and ultimately moved to Chicago. Real Estate beckoned me again when in 2008 when I began handling REO's of the largest residential lender in the Cincinnati region. I re-acquired my Ohio Realtor License with Prodigy Properties as my broker and also began helping investors with their financing through Spring Valley. As a flipping and financing consultant, I guide new and experienced investors with their home flipping businesses and investment property financing.  I've led countless "Lunch and Learn" seminars to educate realtor's and their clients on investment property financing options. Come join me on the journey!


I'm always looking to connect with customers. Feel free to reach out to me anytime

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