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Spring Valley

The Investor's Bank

SV continues to flourish as a trusted local bank operating out of our home community of Wyoming, OH our home since 1997.  We are rooted in providing a personalized experience to you. Whether Real Estate Investing or Personal Banking, we understand the foundation of your investment is built on a trusted team of experts working with you. For 25 years, we've had the privilege of financing thousands of real estate projects and personal home mortgages. Our straightforward approach to relationship banking has created established lending connections with the residential and commercial real estate industry throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area. We also take pride in investing in the community as a full-service bank. This means your money stays local with loans to Cincinnati area neighborhoods, small businesses and sponsorships of community initiatives. 

Community Banking
with Spring Valley

SV specializes in relationship banking

We know our customers, and unlike the large banks that rely on impersonal criteria, we can look beyond the generic and give regard to individual circumstances and experience.

Community banks play a large role as leading lenders to local small businesses

Personal relationships with the people and businesses of Greater Cincinnati allows us to understand the unique needs and perspectives of the local community. Our partnerships are more than a just lending money, they are enriching communities.

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Wyoming Ohio on the map

The money you put into SVB stays in your community 

Your money stays local with loans to neighborhood small businesses & sponsorships of community initiatives. Banking with SV is synonymous with shopping locally. 

SV recognizes the people of the community

You are more than another account number or loan application. We work with you to offer individual solutions based on a relationship-driven decisioning making process.

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